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Bird Supplies.

Bird supplies

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pet Bird

The first two things you need to consider before committing to owning a pet bird are – time and money. Most people don’t appreciate that birds need a lot of attention and care.

Taking care of your Birds Health.

Normally a bird’s beak will maintain itself through daily wear and tear while climbing, feeding and playing. If an injury, illness or unknown problem is causing the beak to reach an unusual length or grows to the side, it’s time to visit the vet. Do not try to remedy or trim the beak yourself.

Do you need to clip the wings? This is a personal and sometimes controversial topic. Many, breeders and owners of indoor-only parrots prefer to clip the wings to avoid flight. Trim your bird’s nails similarly to trimming a cat’s nails.

What to feed your Bird

Improper diets can lead to problems with feather growth, vitamin deficiencies and illness. Always provide clean water and food in dishes that don’t foster bacteria, and make sure you clean them regularly.

We find most new Bird owners think a bag of bird seed or pellets is all their Bird needs for proper nutrition. Birds need a more balanced diet than this, be aware there are some foods to avoid! Supplemented food can include fruits, vegetables, cooked eggs (just once per week or less), lean cooked meats and nuts for larger birds.

Bird Insurance

We recommend ExoticDirect they offer; Bird Insurance, including cover for parrots, cockatoos and budgies.

Pet – Market customers will find a great selection of Bird foods in stock to choose from, some are from independent small pet food manufactures. When looking for Bird supplies you’re in the right place we have top brands at low cost waiting to dispatch. Finally, you will find Pet Market stocks a large selection of bespoke Bird accessories for you to choose from.

You can purchase all your Bird Supplies at: petmarket.localvet.co.uk