Reptile Supplies

Reptile Supplies

Pet Market 8 top tips to owning a reptile.

What points to consider in owning a pet reptile?

Keeping a pet reptile is not a decision to be undertaken lightly, and reptiles have various unique care and feeding requirements making their management quite different to other types of pets.

How much does it cost to buy and keep reptiles?

The cost of buying a reptile of any type can vary greatly, according to the species, size, age and area that you live in.

What to feed your reptile’s on?

The feeding and nutritional requirements of all reptiles are different, and some pets will require supplementary feeding or a special diet.

Keeping your reptile’s health?

Start by looking to buy beginner reptiles because they are considered to be robust, healthy and low maintenance, when correctly cared for will generally remain healthy and well throughout the duration of their lives.

Insurance for reptiles

Shop around for the best insurance policy for your reptile. We recommend using

What kind of equipment do you need to keep reptiles?

• A vivarium tank and, if needed, a stand for it
• A lid or canopy for your tank
• Sufficient light fittings and the appropriate bulbs for the type of reptile you wish to keep
• Providing basking heat, such as a heat mat or a heat rock
• A thermometer
• A suitable substrate for the bottom of the vivarium
• Furniture for the vivarium, including hides to allow your pet to take cover and sleep
• A food dish and water bowl
• A suitable disinfectant for cleaning the vivarium, plus other cleaning equipment
• The appropriate food for your pet, which may consist of pinkie mice, insects, vegetables, a pre-mixed food or a combination of things.
• A good guide book for your potential pet, which includes a section on troubleshooting and signs of ill health.

Great reptiles for beginners.

Some of the most popular reptile breeds for the novice keeper include
• Crested geckos
• Corn snakes
• Bearded dragons
• Leopard geckos
• Milk snakes

Where and how to buy reptiles.

Start with browsing for reptiles offered for sale and considering whom to buy from, always view the animal yourself in person and take your time over making a decision, spend some time talking to the seller or owner about the specific pets on sale and how they are cared for.

Buying your Reptile supplies.

Pet – Market has a great selection of reptile supplies in stock to choose from, many are from independent small pet food manufactures.